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Broadband Self Install For DSL Customers

NOTE: The instructions presented below are not for Fiber to the Home customers. If you are unsure about your status, please call our office at 317-326-3131.


Similar to other telephone services, you will be responsible for the inside wiring and installation of equipment. If you would like to have someone take care of the inside installation, you can contact our Customer Care department and we will gladly have a NineStar Internet Technician schedule a time with you to get the work completed.

Inside Wiring Instructions


To increase the quality of service to our customers, NineStar Connect has elected to place a broadband filter in the NID on the side of your house. Because of this, it will not be necessary for you to install in-line filters with each of your phones. In essence, you will then have 2 separate lines coming into your home- one filtered (home #) and one non-filtered (broadband).

When NineStar Connect brings the service to your home, we will not attach any inside wires to the new broadband service. This is because each home can be wired very differently inside. It will therefore be your responsibility to make sure that the broadband is wired to the proper jack in your home. THE BROADBAND SERVICE SHOULD BE ON A SEPARATE PAIR FROM YOUR HOME TELEPHONE NUMBER.

Below is a diagram of what the customer side of thE NID will look like.

Necessary Equipment


How to make a connection.

As with most broadband providers, NineStar utilizes PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet) to connect to our server. All you will need is your username and password to establish a connection. There are several ways to make this connection:

Broadband Router- Most routers have PPPoE built in.
Windows XP/Mac OS 10- The newest version of Windows and Mac has PPPoE built in. You only need to set up a dial-up connection using PPPoE to establish service. Previous versions of Windows or MAC OS will require separate PPPoE software or a router.
NineStar Internet PPPoE- For those needing software, NineStar provides PPPoE software free of charge to our broadband customers. If you need our software, please call our office to have it sent to you.


Username: (this information was given to when you signed up for broadband)

Password: (Insert Password)

Email Address: {username@hrtc.net}

Incoming Mail Server: (POP) pop.hrtc.net

Outgoing Mail Server: (SMTP) smtp.hrtc.net